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Puma Punku Ocean Clean Up Inc. mission is for a clean ecosystem within Hawaii’s oceans, beaches and waterways. 
Our Leaders:

  • Frank Ruiz, CFO/Founder, Matson Leaderman of Wharf gang 65; longshoreman for 27 years
  • Edgar Palafox, Director: Former Matson supervisor and Professor of Management & Human Resources at Hawaii Pacific University
  • Mary Magana, Board of Directors
  • Mike Akiu: Top crane operator at Matson: longshoreman for 26 years
  • Darren Chu: Matson supervisor for 20 years and will be the Foreman on Kauai
  • Jeff Williams, Work Force Advisor: Top crane operator at Matson; longshoreman for 34 years
  • Clyde Kanaulu, Director: Matson machine operator
  • Steve Iwasaki, Matson machine operator
  • Mark Gonsalves, Former Matson machine operator
  • Royce Wond, private machine operator
  • Kaiala Wond, volunteer
  • Jack Luty, Matson ship captain

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My name is Frank G.Ruiz,

I was raised in Burbank California where I started surfing in 6th grade and got to know the California coast pretty well ,I came to Hawaii in 1972 after graduating from high school looking for bigger waves and warmer water,Hawaii was always a dream of mine from a young boy.Well I surfed Sunset Beach ,Pipeline,Laniakea ,Velzyland,Rocky Point,all the great spots on the north and south shores but Sunset was my favorite,working as a waiter at the Trattoria Restaurant it gave me my days free to surf.

In 1988 I became a Longshoreman at McCabe Hamilton & Renny where I worked my way through the shipgangs doing large scale operations like Scrap Metal ,Sand ,Steel ,Lumber ,Grain ,Coal ,fully loaded Barges ,and of coarse thousands & thousands of containers also we did every kind of rolling stock you can imagine. After awile I became sub-forman and ran the operation when the Forman was not there.After time and seniority I went to the Wharf Gangs where I eventually became a Leaderman in charge of my own gang 65 .After 27 years I retired at 61 years of age ,but what an experience with supplying the islands with everything that is shipped here .The large scale operations are a part of me now .

In 2001 I bought a jet ski and was going up and down the west side of Oahu where I have lived for the past 22 years when I bought a house in Waianae ,and I started noticing alot of plastic bags in the Ocean and started picking them up ,I went to my Senator Maile Shimabukuru and asked her to introduce a bill SB 2906 and we got it passed allowing jet ski's to to be used in Ocean Cleanups ,Neil Abercrombie signed it in to law with the help of Ed Underwood and William Aila who were in charge of the DLNR at the time and I had there full support .At that point those two guys suggested I make a non-profit business to clean the ocean and Puma Punku Ocean Clean Up inc. was born .
I started talking to some of the guys at work like Jeff Williams a top Crane Operator at Matson ,Edgar Palafox at the time a supervisor at Matson also a Professor of Management & Humane Resources at Hawaii Pacific University ,Mike Akiu another top Crane Operator at Matson ,Darren Chu another Supervisor at Matson ,these guys were all for the idea so I got my 501 C 3 approval ,my insurance my DCCA approval dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's which was no small task and we were in business .

We started doing Cleanups at the AlaWai small boat harbor at the end of 2015 ,our first Cleanup we pulled out 4 tons of plastic & debris ,our second Cleanup in 2016 we pulled out 8 tons our third Cleanup in 2016 we pulled out another 4 tons and our forth Cleanup another 3 tons ,we just did our most recent Cleanup December 10th 2016 where we took out another three tons for a total of 22 tons in 5 Cleanups ,we have been on the news 10 times and on the John Noland radio show 4 times and all that can be seen on our website witch I'm very proud of.

Matson gave us a Grant of 1500 dollars in 2016 we got other donations 5000 from my Mother just before she passed away at 94 ,she was glad to see me doing this ,also got 575 from other people ,the rest I have put in of my own money about 9000 .We have big plans for the future ,I would like to use the money from your grant to make some commercials with Bruce Blankenfelt ,Nianoa Thompson both Hokulea Captains ,with Clyde Aikau ,and possibly with William Aila and Ed Underwood who all support our vision for the future ,if we could reach some of the wealthy residents of the islands like Larry Ellerson ,Oprah Winfrey ,Rosane Barr just to name a few I feel we could get seriously funded and become a force like Green Peace .

We could rent small cranes and cleanup under some of the bridges like by Liliha Bakery there is alot of trash under that bridge ,many places like that but I would really like to get a big ship with two cranes and a big payload and go out to the Northwest atolls and do some serious work out there ,also Kamilo beach also known as Plastic beach on the Big Island need regular cleanups ,also I would like to be part of cleaning the Pacific Garbage patch that is planned for 2020 between California and Hawaii.

Well I know we have to work our way up to that ,I would also like to have an office on each island ,with a gym with basket ball and volleyball and racket ball and a swimming pool and classrooms for substance abuse ,teaching language ,as you can see I have high hopes but you have to start somewhere and this is it.

We must do everything we can to reverse the damage we have done to our Mother Ocean and I want to do my part ,I hope you will help us get a real start on this quest of mine ,we need your help big time .

The people I've listed myself Frank Ruiz, Mike Akiu, Jeff Williams, Darren Chu & Clyde Kanaulu, Rocky Tahara, Mark Gonsalvas, Steve Iwasaki, who have joined us and are Matson machine operator's are ALL experts at heavy equipment, we have all spent countless hours driving heavy equipment like Payloaders, Fork Lifts of all sizes, they get really big for some jobs, Backhoes, Top Loaders,Cabs,We all drove Straddler Machines when Matson used them for years then changed to a Cab operation in 2001. We also now have a great new addition to our crew Captain Jack Lutey of Matson who Captain's for all Matson's ships, from here to China, Oakland Los Angeles, Guam, everywhere Matson's ships go AND He has joined PPOCU as he is retiring this month.

I want to add that I want Marine Biology to be 50 % of our Ocean Cleanups, like on the Hokulea Canoe's I want scientists to be monitoring the Ocean Reefs and Water as we go to different places in the island chain, I want to make an Intern program for Marine Biology Students to come with us and study the Coral Reefs and Water where ever we go. I think this would be a terrific plus to our project.  


Frank G.Ruiz 

CEO Puma Punku Ocean Clean Up inc.

Our Mission is Simple

About Us

At Puma Punku Ocean Clean Up Inc. we are working to create hope and the opportunity for a better world.

But we can only do it with your help. Join with us in our mission and donate now. 

  • Laurence H Dorcy Hawaiin Foundatiuon
  • Matson Navigation Co.
  • McCabe Hamilton & Renny Co.
Our Vision is Realistic
About Us

Puma Punku Ocean Clean Up Inc. was created with a vision by Frank Ruiz a waterman and retired Longshoreman. In his 27 year career on the waterfront, he had witnessed firsthand the decay of our beach fronts with the damaging trash washed up on our ocean shores from Tsunami’s, Hurricanes and other artificial debris. On December of 2012 he gathered friends Jeffrey Williams, Sam Keanaaina and Darren Chu and their journey for a cleaner future began…

Our hope is that through our hard work, the Keiki (children) of this and future generations may enjoy, explore and learn to take care of the moana (ocean) as our Kupunas (elders) once did.